46. Three Treasures

All the world avows
that while Tao is great, it is questionable!
It is its greatness
that makes it appear questionable.
If it were not questoinable,
it would long ago have been seen as truth.

I have three treasures:
simplicity, patience, and compassion.
With simplicity I return to the source.
With patience I become understanding,
With compassion I can love.

Some people forsake simplicity for decorum.
The abandon patience and become violent.
They forgo compassion and strive for control.
But what Nature wants to preserve
it endows with my three treasures.


Bean Roll Up with Barbque sauce and jalapenos, Garlic Toast, Apple, and Water

XXI–The Universe

The end of the major arcana is this very happy card. Completion and the bliss of understanding.

7. Origin Of Things

Like the river in the valley,
the spirit is never dried up.
Sometimes I call it the Mother-Deep.
The motion of the Mother-Deep
I regard as teh origin of Heaven and EArth.
Forever it endures,
moving without design.

Moleskine Blow Out

I currently have a blown spine on my moleskine–I have not yet decided how to address this & it appears to be getting worse by the day.

Bean Roll Up with Barbque sauce and jalapenos, Salad, Apple, and Water

Pasta, Buns with Bleu Cheese, Coffee, and Water

This is exactly the kind of lunch that I am trying to avoid. I think that the problem is too many carbs, but also the cheese on the pasta and the salad dressing on bread are just not healthy.