Pacific Symphony Orchestra–Space

Another great show for the young kids–an amazing opening with Also Sprach Zarathustra! Actually, there was a 20 minute bank ad before this which was very Spinal Tap, but the music started strong–then muddied around in the plants for a little to long until ending super strong with Star Wars.

It was a lot of fun, Andrew & Susan came–we had a great lunch after & played in the California Scenario for a long time!


Cole Nobody Knows

An absolutely amazing documentary about Freddy Cole–great jazz performances, lots of nice interviews, a seriously strong artistic biography.

Sam and I thought that this was by far the best film of the four we saw & the film maker could clearly do more stunning work in this genre.

Fridays at the Farm

A very cool movie in which all the images are time lapse digital photos–a very cool idea! This movie was very serious & the narrators lack of distance really hurt the movie. I think abruptly changing the narration style during the film would have really helped.

The Cigar Makers

A short film about the people who make cigars in Miami. Fun and fast moving I really enjoyed the notion that what they did was Art with a big A.

Art Seymour: Solo Performance

I saw this with Sam at the Newport Beach Film Festival. It totally ruled! Seymour is this fantastic Chevron designer and this movie is a jazz like exploration of his genius.

Stewart Brand–The Clock of the Long Now

This is a great book with all sorts of great ideas & observations. I really enjoyed the short fast style of presenting idea, the notion that nothing is resolved, and the invitation for participation.

Stewart Brand is clearly one of the all time great social architects.

St. Anatoly of Optina

You cannot destroy the passions on your own, but ask God, and He
will destroy them, if this is profitable for you.