Magritte and Contemporary Art: The Treachery of Images

Lisa, Jack, Kate, and I went up and saw LACMA this Sunday.

I went and saw the Magritte exhibit which was outstanding–lots of great paintings, fantastic curation, awesome exhibition space, good crowd, the entire thing ruled.

We also saw the Picasso print, Krishna History, Japanese stuff, and lots of other things–a really great day at the museum.

The salad bar is overpriced–in fact the food here is an issue that should be addressed, the line for the food cart is huge, but the sit down restaurant is not inviting & the cafe is kind of lame.

The Japanese pagoda was a huge hit with the kids. Jack and Kate also enjoyed rolling down the Tar Pits Lawn. Something that I remember doing as a kid.

After this we saw some live music–Vivaldi, Schoenberg, something else–lots of fun. A great day.


1. I am feeling very present.
2. I do not need anything, everything is a want.
3. I do not fear anything.
4. Willingness has over come fear.
5. The reduction of online time has increased my presence.
6. The ink that I am using is a little to runny and not consistent enough.
7. I have found a great drive to work.
8. I am feeling a lot of sober love.
9. The hug is a very strange act–we do not do it enough
10. Check the gas.
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Pan’s Labyrinth

I went and saw this at the University yesterday at 2:10. I went alone and got a medium popcorn and a large water–they were out of small waters. I went in thinking that I was going to be scared out of my mind–the film had been recommended to me by Scott and Margie.

It was awesome.

Labyrinth’s, a Faun, a pregnant mom, evil step father who shaves all the time, Keys, and Locks, Rivers and Tree’s, all the stuff that made Freud the stud that he was–I mean really really great!

The film itself was magick–put together brilliantly, with the Franco Fascists and Red Revolutionaries conflict perfectly shadowing the struggles of a young girl growing into a women. Just a brilliant movie.


Went with Lisa, John, and Emmy for St. Valentine’s Day. Steadman had given me a gift certificate for watching his mail. It was a very nice night–lots of fun and games. The food was medium. I had MOZZARELLA ALLA GENOVESE which was excellent–great cheese, fresh tomato, & really good pesto–there was a lot of pepper, but not too much oil. A really good dish. DELLA CASA salad was odd and bitter. Not very good at all. For my main course I had MELANZANE ALLA PARMIGIANA & RAPINI (Broccoli rabe sauté with garlic and olive oil)–the eggplant was awesome–very thinly sliced and really good. The Broccoli was a little over cooked, too much oil, not enough salt, the garlic could have used some work–server a little cold, not that great. But the eggplant was so good I did not notice.

Lisa had PASTA ALLA CHECCA which was good, but not amazing. Emmy had RIGATONI CON BROCCOLI which had really good onions & was kind of sweat. John did the blackened Ahi special–which was raw in the middle.

The Deserts were great–banana chocolate cake, tiramisu cake, and chocolate covered hazelnut chocolate thing. All very fine–I liked the chocolate covered hazelnut thing the best, but it was all good.

Service was fantastic.

A great Valentines night was had.

A Paid Ad In The LA Free Press–one of Frank Zappa’s attempts to steer his audience into the path of righteousness.

This is about the Mothers of Invention. We have watched them grow, and with their growth, we hopefully have grown. Their honesty has offended some and been provocative to many, but in any case, their performances have had a real effect on their audiences.

The Mothers’ music is very new, and as their music is new, so is the intention of their music. As much as the Mothers put into their music, we must bring to it. The Mothers, and what they represent as a group has attracted all of the outcasts, the pariahs, the people who are angry and afraid and contemptuous of the existing social structure. The danger lies in the “Freak Out” becoming an excuse instead of a reason. An excuse implies an end, a reason a beginning.Being that the easiest way is consistently more attractive than the harder way, the essential thing that makes their “Freak Out” audiences different constitutes their sameness. A freak is not a freak if ALL are freaks. “Freaking Out” should presuppose an active freedom, freedom meaning liberation from the control of some other person or persons. Unfortunately, reaction seems to have taken place of action. We SHOULD be as satisfied listening to the Mothers perform from a concert stage. If we could channel the energy expended in “Freaking Out” physically into “Freaking Out” intellectually, we might possibly be able to create something concrete out of the ideological twilight of bizarre costumes and being seen being bizarre. Do we really listen? And if we really listen, do we really think? Freedom of thought, conversely, brings an awesome responsibility. Looking and acting eccentric IS NOT ENOUGH.

A mad tea-party is valid only as satire, commenting ironically, and ending in its beginning, in that it is only a trick of interpretation. It is not creation, and it IS NOT ENOUGH.

What WE must try to do then, is not only comment satirically on what’s wrong, but try to CHANGE what’s wrong. The Mothers are trying.

Suzy Creamcheese.

Pictures at an Exhibition

Lisa, Jack, Kate, and I went and saw the Pacific Symphony at the Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall do a fantastic musical program for kids. This show was really one of the best, it included lots of tunes, the kids art was displayed, the questions were for the trumpet, the kids got to make puppets; we really had a great time!

Additionally, we spent some time afterwards having lunch at Macaroni Grille, the kids were starving so it was a “fast lunch”.

After this we went to Borders, the kids watched the taping of Pet People–really had a good time.

Lisa and I were not really connecting–but it was a fine day.