Chapter IX

Jack and I are reading Treasure Island together.

We are taking notes, looking up vocab words, writing down characters and themes, and generally learning how to read.

Last night, I tought him Roman Numerals! Total blast.

Captain Smollet has expressed is concerns about the trip–Jack gets this and has a fairly good idea about what is going on.

Charlotte’s Web

Took Lisa, Jack, and Kate to this at the Westpark 8. Snack line was brutal. Even had to go get a water after it started which took another 15 minutes standing around.

The movie was great. Literate. Not scary. Very fun. I think Kate like it more then Jack. I think that there is a lot to say in the three words that Charlotte writes:
Some Pig

A very fun family film.

St. Isaac of Syria, The Ascetical Homilies.I

The Lord’s Day is a mystery of the knowledge of the truth that is
not received by flesh and blood, and it transcends speculations.
In this age there is no eighth day, nor is there a true Sabbath.
For he who said that `God rested on the seventh day,’ signified
the rest [of our nature] from the course of this life, since the
grave is also of a bodily nature and belongs to this world. Six
days are accomplished in the husbandry of life by means of keeping
the commandments; the seventh is spent entirely in the grave; and
the eighth is the departure from it.


Again, this year at the Annual Christmas Shopping Trip, we had lunch at Z’Tejas. Lisa, Jack, Kate, and I ate for about one hour waiting for the Ely’s to show up. The food was better then I remember, but still very over priced & not that inventive.

We started with Corn Bread and Quesidillas. Lisa had a glass of Red, I had a San Paligrino, Jack had water, and Kate had a Shirley Temple. The ‘Dillas were ok–one cheese and one grilled veggie–but the salsa sauce stuff was difficult to scoop onto the tortilla. Not a good sign.

We also had a House Salad. The salad was pretty good–it had tortilla croutons and was large.

I really do not have much to say about this chainy feeling tex-mex place. We had a good time, the food was ok, and I predict that I will eat there again next Christmas.

Veggie Grill

After Jack, Kate, and I went for a hike at Moro Canyon, we headed over to the Veggie Grill for some 3:00 PM lunch.

I really like this place a lot–not only because it is close & vegan, but also becuase the service is really friendly, the owner is always there, and we can get in and out quickly without any hassle.

Jack and Kate had the chicken nuggets with yam fries. Jack liked the fries, Kate did not. Kate liked the chicken, Jack said he did to, but he did not eat it. They both like the Chipotle Ranch and Bar-B-Que sauces for dipping–they are spicey, but not too spicey.

I had the Papa’s Portobello and Sausage sandwhich with cole slaw–it was ok. I am never that blown away by vegan sandwiches. I prefer things like Veggie Bowls or Pasta stuff. But it was good if not inspired. The cole slaw was lame.

We also had some Kale Salad thing which was ok. The dressing was awesome, but the Kale was served warm & I am not that big a fan of warm salads.

I left a suggestion in the suggestion box to change the music–they need to hire a KUCI dj to make them a soundtrack–something much more Moby then the pop that they are currently playing.