Head Sets :: 02006-09-14

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday September 14, 2006


… Randy Newman – Mr President
00:08:06 Jackson Browne – Casino Nation
00:12:30 Jim Ladd – 9/11 Rap
“The rest of the world stopped, and said this is wrong”
“The world came together for one minute, and at that seminal moment we had a chance to be
the America the world prays for”
00:13:58 Don Henley – The End Of The Innocence
00:18:50 Neil Young – Living With War
00:23:55 Jim Ladd – Set Recap Rap
“I don’t repeat stuff all the time”
“just come out and tell my that you do not like me coming out and talking about George Bush”
“Freedom of speach is really in danger”
00:25:56 George Bush – “In my line of work you have to repeat things over and over again for the truth to set in. For the
propoganda to fit in”

Commercial – I do not think that this was a Head Set – more an anti Bush rant.