Head Sets :: 02006-08-24

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday August 24, 2006


00:10:37 “Good evening ladies and gentlemen…”
00:11:53 “Is everybody in?”
00:12:13 The Doors “End of the Night”
00:15:03 Tito & Tarantula “After Dark”
00:15:24 “tonight you leave the natural world behind, the world you live will be a dream” 50’s movie sample
00:18:50 “we belong here, there is no place else on earth that would take us in” 50’s movie sample
00:19:00 Victoria Seer “Night of Santa Ana’s”
00:19:19 Concrete Blonde “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)”
00:23:30 “Are you ok” “who am I” “you are stuck in there!” Twin Peaks samples, chimes, laughter “are you afraid”
00:24:22 “It is starting AGAIN!” back masking
00:24:54 Days Of The New “Phobics Of Tragedy”
00:27:45 Back masking
00:28:05 “are you there” (childrens voices) “its so dark here” “are your friends here” “is it like you thought it would be” bag pipes
00:28:45 Phil Christie “Skeleton”
00:31:58 Tympani, Gregorian Chants, “try, try, try” “I will go mad” childrens laughter, chanting, drumming, violins
00:32:58 Victoria Seer “Dissipation” “lately to get out of bed is to climb Mt. Everest”
00:34:40 Enigma “Age Of Loneliness (Carly’s Song)”
00:38:20 “the great way is not difficult for those that have no preferences…make the smallest distinction and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart. If you wish to see the truth then hold no opinions for or against anything. To set up what you like against what you do not like is the … “
00:39:33 Lori Lacy “Alien Water Song”
00:41:30 “you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup… be water my friend”
00:45:10 “Empty your mind”, “we found each other in the dark”, chants, back masking, “Search on man” – Morrison,
00:48:30 Poem Victoria Seer ‘WE ARE ALL AMAZING” “Heroic attempts…they are covered in dust”
00:49:03 Afro Sinead O’Connor “Release”
00:54:51 “I want to fit with your head”, “emtpy your mind”,

Head Sets :: 02006-08-09

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday August 9, 2006


00:10:06 Good evening ladies and gentlemen…is everybody in
00:11:45 “On The Way Home” – Buffalo Springfield
00:14:04 “The Fools Pay Homage to his mother…” Victoria Seer (?) Poem
00:14:39 “Until I Wake Up” – Dishwalla
00:19:33 “Pitch Black Theater” – Poem / Hypnotism
00:22:00 “The Big Sleep” – The Gathering
00:25:06 “Wake Up To Dreaming” – Victoria Seer & Stephen Last
00:29:15 “Awake” The Doors
00:32:01 Doors Movie Indian Worker Death On The Highway Story
00:33:37 Crash Dialog
00:33:48 “Frail” – The Gathering
00:37:47 “we all need redemption..sometimes we look in the wrong place…so we sleep perchance to dream…dreams…sometimes enlightening…sometimes the information that comes through scares us more then… you awake and rush to the bathroom… and” Ladd
00:38:50 “Dream On” – Aerosmith
00:42:28 “Often time you can read in scripture about the ancients dream and call it a vision. They would fall asleep and claim that they had a vision. Saw God. Or met and angel. We tried to awake from that old ancient nightmare that god was vengeful” Ladd “I had a dream” MLK in the background
00:44:00 “At Least We Dreamed” – Billy Bob Thorton
00:48:00 “Sleep easy child – the angles fly you home”
00:48:21 “We were a generation of dreamers…usually that is said in some prejoritive way…think of what the dreamers of our generation have accomplished…think of those dreams of all races creeds and colors coming together finally…no we did not solve all of our problems…but we dreamed…we dreamed in color…and by god I am proud of it”
00:49:38 “We Dream In Color” – Starship
00:52:41 “sleep easy children – the angles fly you home” in the middle of starship

Head Sets :: 02006-08-03

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday August 3, 2006

He played some new Tom Petty, talked about it, then played Dylan’s Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues.

At 12:15 there was no indication that Head Sets was going to start.

By 12:30 he was ranting about callers complaining about a James Gang interview he had done.

I guess the show was cancelled this week.