I was not blown away. The plot is the same old plot. The villian is the same old villian. The villian has the same old plan. There was no character growth. The introduction of Lois Lane’s son was very good. And the kid that played him was quite and creepy which I really liked. But with all the great things that are going on in the comic, I would have thought that they could have come up with something significantly better then this.

Head Sets :: 02006-06-22

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday June 22, 2006

Theme: Dreams

00:06:16 “This is about taking you away. About creating some magic”
00:06:36 Intro
00:07:57 “Is everybody in”
00:08:18 Tibetian Monks
00:09:30 Radiohead – “Nice Dream”
00:12:50 Gregorian Chants
00:13:28 “Number Nine” “tonight you leave the natural world behind, the life you live will be a dream”
00:14:00 Porcupine Trees – “Waiting”
00:18:07 “Number Nine” Hey You playing in the background “What is real…” (Matrix)
00:18:44 Pink Floyd – “Hey You”
00:22:48 “Number Nine” Radio tuning noises, Western Dialog, “Is there anybody out there”
00:24:12 Steve Earle – “Transcendental Blues”
00:27:58 Robert Plant – “Shine It All Around”
00:28:33 – “Amazing Grace” [Played over Plant Song], Number Nine, “hare krishna”
00:32:27 Victoria Seer & Stephen Last(?) – “Wake Up To Dreaming”
00:36:30 backward talking, “Shine It All Around” beat, radio tuning, “Turn of your mind, relax, and float
downstream” [Reggae feel]
00:40:00 “I said empty your mind” 😐
00:41:00 Robert Plant – “Shine It All Around”
00:42:50 Drum Beats
00:46:11 Hare Krishna Chant
00:47:30 Kevin Gilbert – Kashmir

Quotes :: Baba Ram Dass

At this moment if you set the alarm to get up at 3:47 this morning and when the alarm rings and you get up and turn it off and say: Waht time is it? You’d say: Now Now Where am I? Here! Here!
Then go back to sleep. gut up at 9:00 Tomorrow. Where am I?? Here! What time is it? Now!
Try 4:32 three weeks from next Thurs.
By God it is – there’s no getting away from it – that’s the way it is that’s the eternal present
You finally figure out that it’s only the clock thats going around….It’s doing it’s thing but you — you’re sitting here right now always.