Softball in the Park

On Saturday, Steadman had a practice in the park. We brought our wives and kids – I caught two huge fly balls. One while on the cell phone talking to Steadman and the other while holding Kate. She was so glad, just brimming with joy – about as happy as I can remember.

Jack and the boys were playing t-ball. They were having a huge time. Lisa was down on me because I did not bring enough balls – just one for all the kids and they fought for it some, but that is likely good for them. Jack is showing interest in the game, but we need to spend time practicing. I need to actually schedule time to play catch with my son. I wish that was not the case, I wish that I had more free time, but I do not – and if I do not make playing catch a priority it will not happen.

Lisa also had a good time – she did not do any batting, but she looked great, was fantastic with Diane, and was a dream with the other guys – I am so totally in love and anamored with my wife.