Head Sets :: 02005-12-08

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday December 8, 2005

Theme – Life Death & Transcendence

00:07:18 Intro
00:08:21 “is every body in”
00:08:50 Ray Manzerick – Wheel of Fortune
00:11:40 clip – “Contimplate this on the tree of woe. Crucify him.”
00:12:00 Roger Waters What God Wants Part I
00:16:50 clip – Pulp Fiction “…When I lay my vengence upon thee”
00:17:45 Jennifer Warnes – Joan of Arc (with Leonard Cohen)
00:23:01 clip – “after a year you find it romantic”
00:24:15 Jim Morrison – An American Prayer (starting at “I am sick of dour faces”)
00:26:04 John Lennon – God
00:30:20 Roger Waters – What God Wants III
00:33:39 Poetry
00:34:44 Clip – “Weapon of Love”
00:34:55 Rap – “we are brilliant, the human race. Look at the weapons we can build…Smart enough to build…Throw the books away. Just the ones that tell us how to kill. Close the book. We will right a new one. With the weapon of love”
00:35:40 U2 – God Part II
00:39:20 Rap “do you still believe in the pleasant poetry of Genesis? Good for you. Me, I became Awake…It was not easy but I became awake.” “it was warm and we danced. it was like a dream. suddenly I could feel everything.
00:40:14 Doors – Ghost Song (playing over the rap)
00:42:20 Clip The Doors – “indians scattered all over the highway”
00:43:40 clip – “you got to stop, Hoss. You got to stop and listen to the wind”
00:43:43 Van Morrison – Into the Mystic
00:47:10 Clip – “you got to stop, Hoss”
00:47:11 Beatles – Accross the Universe
00:50:54 clip – “be water my friend”
00:51:07 Steve Earle – Transcendental Blues
00:54:40 Jefferson Airplane – Embryonic Journey

1. Black Sabbath was the intro music