Million Dollar Baby

Lisa borrowed this from one of her sisters. It is an amazing film. Clint Eastwood may be my favorite director. The story is just about as perfect as possible, the camera work rules – some of the images will likely haunt me for the rest of my life, the entire thing is put together so well that it makes me sick.

Of course, when it ended Lisa and I both looked at each other & asked what her nickname meant – somehow we missed this critical piece of information, so I am now going to look it up on the web…

Google > million dollar baby galic is my search.

And in typical Internet fashion, I find a grouchy answer on some Gaelic board:
> It was supposed to be ‘mo chuisle’ which means ‘my pulse

which of course makes sense…


Fortune Cookie :: December 26, 2005

These are from P.F. Chang’s where we went after the Aquarium. Kate got two in her cookie.

Success and wealth are in you future.

Someone is speaking well of you.

You enjoy playing to a crowd.

Nothing can keep you from reaching your goals.

Your careful nature will bring you financial success.

Head Sets :: 02005-12-29

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday December 29, 2005

Lisa and I watched Million Dollar Baby, during which the kids woke up; so, I while putting theme back to sleep, I fell asleep and missed the show.

Clint Eastwood is a genius.

Deportment :: 02005-12-28

Yesterday, I learned two important things about deportment.

The first relates to the notion of balance & consistancy. Both of those skills require patience. I do not have patience. I need to practice patience. I need to force myself into situations where I need to wait. And I need to wait without playing mind games.

The second relates to how others perceive you. Deportment requires consistency. When you are tired is shows & you lake consistency. This points to a biological aspect of deportment which I think may be very important.

Surfing :: 02005-12-26

Not getting out much lately, but Lisa has bought me a surfboard for xmas – I have not yet picked it out. She also got Jack and Kate wet suits, so I need to really get back into surfing. I was getting out on Wednesdays – I need to get back to that. I also need to start making it out on the weekend.

Today, I was going to go out with Storn & John, but it is raining so I am not into it.

Also, Dave K’s wife works for Ripcurl and has offered to get me a suit at wholesale (like US$150 or something) – I need to stay focused on that.

I also need to skateboard more – that keeps me in the stoke.

Lyrics :: Deportment – Elton John

In life one has to face a huge assortment
Of nauseating fads and good advice
There’s health and fitness, diet and deportment
And other pointless forms of sacrifice

Reading List :: 02005-12-20

1. Absent Fathers
2. DeKooning
3. Music Lust