I finally made it back to yoga class – after six weeks off, I can really notice the difference. I need to move to a daily practice, but I am not sure when I have time. I know the basic moves that will work and I have a good understanding of why doing it daily would be helpful for me, I just need to impliment.


Waking up with Jack

This morning, I am going to head over to a 6:30 meeting, but I am not going to attend it- I am just going to be the greeter. And then I am going to come back home. I am doing this, because last night Jack asked me to be here when he wakes up. Jack does not ask for much, and what he does ask for I can easily do.

After that we are going to either skateboard in the park or go to the El Morro Bay hiking trails for a quick walk around the hills.

I need to focus more on Kate & do the stuff that she wants to do – it is so easy to just let Jack lead, but Kate clearly needs to spend some time in front of the pack as well…

Reading List :: November 26, 2005

De Kooning : An American Master by Mark Stevens, Annalyn Swan
Absent Fathers, Lost Sons : The Search for Masculine Identity by Guy Corneau
Autobiography of a Yogi
New Yorker

Mavis Staples

The devil doesn’t have any music. All of our music is healing music.

Head Sets :: 02005-11-17

Again, I missed it – was listening to Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming on Vinyl when I fell asleep – 15 minutes before it started. Getting harder for me to make this show, I have missed it the last two weeks in a row.

Deportment :: Definition 1

A manner of personal conduct; behavior

Close Close

So the concept of colse is finished. Most of what I learned about close was early on in my discovery. Basically, it is something that I am still not good at – it is something that I need to work on – and it is a big topic.

Team Building was easy and fun. Close was ugly, complex, and did not add much to my daily life or work. Bascially, it was something that I thought about every now and then and did not know really what to do with it.

So today I need to pick a new topic. The general concept is “attitude” as proposed by Scott. I was thinking along the lines of Artificial enthusiasm. I like the idea of comportment or deportment. I need something that indicates the future. I need to work on planning better. I need to work on focusing more. I need to provide better status. I need to identify all the things that I do. I need to work on architecture. I need to make sure that I keep my side of the street clean.

Yesterdays meeting with Anil has me thinking about several things that he said. One is that I need to focus on Siteminder. Do the stuff around there that I need to do and get done. The other is that he does not like me as a person. I have never ever had that problem with a boss before. I have no idea what to do about that – I guess I just wait and things will imporve. I just need to focus on doing what it is that I can do and things will get better.

Other things that Scott talked about when he mentioned attitude were – well I am not really sure. I found the attitude suggestion hard to take – and I may just go with that. Team Building, Close, Attitude. I do not know it just does not seem strong or philosophical enough. I need somethin more profound – something with a bit more meat on it. There is the sense of competition. Head Set. I like Set. If I take the B from building and the C from close, the next one should be D. I need a word that means Attitude that starts with a D. Deportment.

The definition is easy “A manner of personal conduct; behavior.”