Shirley is Back!

yesterday, we had post dinner fun at Dee’s where Shirley will be staying for the next month or so. It was really good to see her – she looks great, had lots of yoda shirts for jack, was great with the kids. Brett & Jenna & I went to del taco for a salad for her – great drive listening to KROQ we heard pennywise, something I did not know a la System of a Down, and Social Distortion – story of my life.

I have been thinking more and more that Pearl Jam needs to do a cover of this – I think I will write them a letter.

Jack and I watch the Teen Titans! It was awesome. Jack and I watched UCLA win in overtime, which also ruled!

BP :: PJ71

#This is some bad poetry from a journal that has a pink bandana cover. It starts with a
#newspapaer clipping dated June 2, 1989

Bombing down toward mason pond
past homoeroticised firemen
walking past old man his dog
Accelerating toward a prehistoric vulture beast raising his wings to the early morning late night low clouds and fog
dreaming of ideal pens – waterfields and mont blancs
fountains of sappy ink
ream upon ream of prickly
Visions os sugar plums.
Smile! all things are simile – you are me I know I know what you know what I mean?
Tehre is no distinction between the symmbal of a rose and my skateboard!
Stevens wastes his time in trash heaps – his suits smell of refuse and the suburbs still build duck ponds.

I sit by such a pond now. “No climbing on rocks” the corregated iron sign reads. “Reserved” printed in happy yellow letters on teh table at which I sit.
But I have gained admittance to the table – and to the rocks.

Interrupted by a gas
powered edger – scrapping
unwanted grass from the
curved pathways – upon
which queer fireman jog
longing for the fountain
dreaming of ink
skating away.

I am warm when even the ducks have frozen into their feather clusters scrams Rocky as flys down among the prearanged rock displays.
He lowers his brown tale and screams “DI Immotale! I have no lift, only glide. And the sky is faull of clouds – and I don’t no my own sex!” zephyr awakens and blows rocky the weekly post
I don’t read the post
he mutters to Olson and climbs back into his
historic hole.
no! the challange is linear
as the dawn rising over
the pacific
circles are distractions
and webs designed to entrap
what ducks do on
land is more to the point!
on the surface of the lake their easy is obvious, yet on land!
Crab like and direct dont mix — Hand guns!
boxes of frefired french
texts! HelpHelp!

BP :: PJ70

#This is some bad poetry from a journal that has a pink bandana cover. It starts with a
#newspapaer clipping dated June 2, 1989

I am a better
Because I’ve spent
hours in expensive LA
Coffee houses – drinking over
priced java and eves
dropping on elitest dogs

BP :: PJ69

#This is some bad poetry from a journal that has a pink bandana cover. It starts with a
#newspapaer clipping dated June 2, 1989

Silence Part II
for the teachers

Poetry is not defined
by control of line
or right margin justification
they style has nothing
to do with it
nor does form
And you know it.

qualitative judgements
rise from diction
And onlyl aesthetic
discretion will
Add value to any communication.

The lesson of Bruce
Springsteen is right
so is whitman but
name dropping even stylistically
is not poetry

Say it don’t spray it
What more need to be said
Spread it?

there’s enough of that
kind of aid going
around already.

Into the streets
we are born to run
There is no temptation
only recognition
Dactylic epigrams resounding
with inner thought.

right t a
known h l
e p

see the grid!

BP :: PJ68

#This is some bad poetry from a journal that has a pink bandana cover. It starts with a
#newspapaer clipping dated June 2, 1989

The cheif stepped to the mike,
the press box stilled.
“the case revolves around responsibility
Mr Mulligan wished to
purchase alternative

A motorcycle thought he;
never read one
thought he;
how hard can it be!

The ultra elite
shogun 2000 looks
like th ebike for you
The salesperson spielled

And for only 8.200
the bike and you
may ride away together.

With no previous experience
in handling motorcycles
let alone a beast
like the ultra elite
shogun 2000
Mr Mulligan was quiet
pleased with his ability
to pop a wheely the
first time he ever released the clutch
and where speeding across
12 lanes of LA traffic
quickly forgot his visions of Fonz-esque
glory. His dreams were
shattered on impact.

this class err case
Asserts – the cheif
continued – that

REsponsibility for encouraging
these delusions of
ability are the legal
responsibility of the dealerships.
the cheif will now respond
to questions.

“Is it true you became
cheif because of an
alledged hispanic backgroun.

“Why yes, but I see no
relavance in this line
of questioning.

“Is it not also true that
said hispanic background
is , in fact, rooted in

“Well my mother…

“Mr Ardee please
answer the question
when settlement
12 years later mr Mulligan maney was gone
still cound not walk

BP :: PJ67

#This is some bad poetry from a journal that has a pink bandana cover. It starts with a
#newspapaer clipping dated June 2, 1989


How dare you! I seriously doubt that you would recognize poetry if it came up and biteyou. Tose poems you so wrongly described not only took me years to write, but represent serious thought! I had hoped that you would expend at least some thought on your comments. I see you now: snickering at this, laughing, and gawfaing from your leather chair, I know you and I also heard that click in your office (you know the one you always imagine befor eyou go to sleep – clicking beside your left temple). I heard it, too. Nice knowing you.
David Schwarm

What are they
thinking walking around in
a drunk costume
party with loaded guns.

The tradition of oddity – the
appeal of the unusual – is
anti-educational for it
challanges the extent of th
knowable, the bounds of
the reasonable, the challanges
rather then explicates –
Investigative poetry must focus on the known
uncovering deeper layers of
perception rather then
attempting to reate new levels of experience. To
much is alredy really impact the
senses for the
creation of metaphysical
fictive poetyr to have any
value – make it new
thee is little else to say
and tin the process
give everyone what they
really think they want
i.e., more – not the unusual
the odd the unknown
rather more of what
they already have in a
new method.

We need non-sterile heros.

BP :: PJ66

#This is some bad poetry from a journal that has a pink bandana cover. It starts with a
#newspapaer clipping dated June 2, 1989

Earthly irreverance is boring
worship the all
worship the all
worship the all
start with cerebus
move to postcard art and
binders – keep the tv on
listen to billy graham
worship the all
kiss reaguns arse like
barbaras unleash
inner demons in nike
resteraunts hang out
at gazzarris go until
its all broke or at
least you are don’t
sleep or work
worhip the all
with complete hippy apathy
running from beawarson
pubescant lust toward
tunnelrs of felini busts
of devinici and freuds
lock and bull philosophy