BP :: GJ1

#This is taken from a book of poetry that I had written. I am not sure the exact date,
#but I would assume sometime early 1990’s. The journal has a picture of a sitting
#Gnome on the bottom of each page.

Animals suffering from the
effects of diferistation must
change their diet – and
become extinct from eathing
poisonous fruit.

When I was young I always
thought that I would grow
up and suddenly become
someone that I knew, idolized
It always gives me a
wierd feeling to realize that
I have not and yet I
am not dissatisfied.

The USS Valdez docked
in San Diego on the same
day Pluto won the dog
of the year Award.
Pluto god of Death and
basic unhappyness and in
a country where Nero
could be king that is
a fairly large state of being
When micky punches dis for free.

There is an urgent need for
a new camera angle in
stock car film, the 1/4 mile
is perfect.

Sometimes one needs more than
humour to get by, but
no one ever said laughing
was easy – it takes hard
work – not the 9-5 kind
but the Greek kind. The
kind with ethical integrity
that allows one to laugh
when his thumbs are
being crushed into his

Avoid things that are “good
for you because they build
character” the smae way that
the Jews avoided the
plague. By nailing smelly
shit onto your front door.

Concert Review :: Dishwalla – Irvine City Hall – 02005-09-18

This was a super fun show. The musical highlight was a cover of Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds. This late period grunge band just has a lot of fun up on stage. The Irvine Housewives really went crazy for all the rock star antics. Jack and I spent most of the show either wrestling or smashing bubbles. Kate and I did get some dancing in, but I spent no time with Lisa who I think was mostly just hanging out with her sister Emmy, or perhaps falling in love with Rock and Roll all over again. Kerry decided that Dishwalla was her new favorite band, but would not get an autograph after the show. Jim, his wife, and Mitchell were there. Their neighbor, big UCLA fans, were also there – he does IM for FNIS so we talked a lot about that. I actually saw very little of the show, but as the sun was going down the band definitely moved into that magical jam space where all that they ever wanted was happening and the music was just flowing and everything was abosuletly perfect in the world. It is a amazing how I can laugh at a washed up band one minute & then have them complete blow my mind the next. I bought the most recent record and it is awesome. Very talented guys.

Concert Review :: Fenians – Irvine City Hall – 02005-09-26

We got in around sound check. Band seemed to be in a good mood. Family was soundboard right. We played some bubbles and got the energy flowing. People started rolling in right when the music started. Man, lots of people were there – Mark & his wife Susan showed up late, Robin was there, Jim & his wife with Mitchell, Christie & Jason with Garret, Hailey, and the baby, Kirk and Lorena with their boys, Scott & Jenn were there with their three, but they sat over by Jennifer and her husband (and Cole and his sister), The Beucks were there. Man quite a crew.

The music was tons of fun – there was a bad cover tease, Johnny Cash Ring of Fire cover, some fantastic Led Zepplin cover – lots of crazy irish Jamming.

I saw David Harnick-Shapiro and his wife Beth on the way out. I met a guy Tim who had a teenage fan club tee shirt & we talked Paul Weller. Man it was a fun show.

Jack and Kate were both very tired from the pool all day, so they required a lot of maintance which is always much harder on Lisa – but we still managed to get some pictures taken which I will try to move manana.

This may have been the last show of the summer series, but it very well may have been the best.