Evan Eisenberg – The Recording Angel

Music lives in time, unfolds in time. So does ritual.


Indeep, "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life"

There’s not a problem that I can’t fix,
’cause I can do it in the mix.

Jesus (second-century gnostic humn)

Whosoever danceth not, knoweth not the way of life.


Whosoever knoweth the power of the dance, dwelleth in God.

Head Sets :: 02005-05-26

Jim Ladd
95.5 KLOS
Thursday May 26, 2005

00:06:25 … headset airwaves intro
00:07:55 Porcupine Trees – Halo
00:10:59 Indian Jones, etc.
00:12:37 drum beats, “existence…God is infallable”
00:13:06 U2 – God part 2 (remix?)
00:17:10 “God is a concept” rap
00:18:38 Roger Waters – God part 1
00:22:47 “God is infallable”
00:23:16 outro, “God is infallable …”
00:23:45 “insecure supreme being…” rap
00:24:00 Chris Robinson – 40 days
00:28:12 “…take comfort in the fact…” rap
00:28:49 “that is the way things are…”
00:29:39 “you got it all wrong” rap
00:29:53 Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil
00:30:13 “Shall we open our hymnals”
00:34:17 “contemplate this on the tree of woe…”, Indian Jones, etc.
00:35:18 lady victoria seer – we are all amazing – female poetry reading “into the forest of dreams”
00:36:08 John Lennon – God
00:39:58 “There is no heaven with 17 virgins for the next guy who blows himself up…” rap
00:41:07 Traffic – Heaven is in your mind
00:44:54 Jim Morrison – “Petition the Lord with Prayer”
00:45:15 Robert Plant – Shine It All Around
00:46:14 “… that means it is up to us” rap
00:49:20 Jim Morrison – “Petition the Lord with Prayer”
00:49:34 “Can I win the lottery..free will … lord have mercy” rap
00:50:50 Moody Blues – The Voice

1/ started late
2/ new porcupine tree announced before we started
3/ “search through god music thing”
4/ theme was again religious – that the answer is inside us and not out there, not in some book, and we are not giving answers anyway. Fairly straight theme & nothing really new here – besides the Porcupine Trees stuff which ruled.

Clifs Bars

I like peanut butter. Peanut butter Toffee Buzz are also good – but there is something simple and clean about the straght peanut butter.


God respects me when I work
But he loves me when I sing