Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth – Chris Ware

Absolutely amazing. This depressed me for three complete days. The loneliness, isolation, complete inability to communicate, the historical sweep, interconnectedness – everything thing about this is completely amazing. I do not know how Ware is able to do this – and one amazing aspect of his work is the post-modern self confidence of everything that he does – I mean he knows exactly what he is doing, he tells you he is going to do it, and then when he does it he has some how tricked you becuase the really cool part was not what he was talking about at all.

Like when Jimmy gets beaten by the school bullies for hitting a girl – his father cannot protect him forever, obviously. Really obviously. just amazing.

This is so good that I will read everything Ware puts out forever.

Of course, I said this about Wallace & I still have not gotten to the Oblivion book – and that is something else. I am really down on myself right now for my complete inability to finish anything. I have Varieties of Religious Experience going for months, I cannot get through Lacan without trying to reread thousands of pages of Freud. The Kem Nunn book I was so excited about sits. I cannot get into the Dylan Chronicles, I have not made progress in poetry readings in months – everything thing is kind of backing up & that is causing me to get frustrated.

not sure why, I mean all this reading is supposed to be fun – I can take fun and make it work for no reason…

Hunter S Thompson

wow – just heard that he died.

One of the ur-bloggers passing is an event to remember.

He had some many great quotes – the stuff about the high water mark of the sixties, the being a white guy listening to gangst rap in an suv, the hey rube stuff, the curse of lono, meating with like minds, crack at ucsb, motor cycles in SF, Dylan, thoughts on altamont, all of this amazing stuff – all the airport moments, vegas visions, and political positions that he created and passed on.

All the dreams that he defined, refined, & returned to us – all the horror and all the humor.

I remember seeing him on letterman – a broken hand, muttering about nothing – and Dave just sitting there in awe – I mean reallly what can you do when presented – when confronted – face to face with the honest jaws of gonzo.

I am sure that he has gone on to better assignments. he always did.


I have this horrible cold – ugly cough, can barely speak, body aches.

Lisa and the kids had this last week.

Being sick really limits my ability to get involved – I always feel like I have to shut down and protect what health I have – a real fear of over extending my self. This fear is not totally groundless – on Friday I was basically blathering at work – but it does really interfer with my ability to help Lisa with the kids.

I rember that I used to hope that one day I would be immune to the flu – or whatever this end of winter cold thing is that I always seem to get; but, now I have resigned myself to being sick twice a year. Once around now & once near the end of summer – though at the end of this summer I do not think I was sick.

Maybe I am making progress.


started last night.

likely last out the weekend.

when one has kids rain presents all sorts of additional challenges – may be a mall trip will be in our weekend plans.

I had a friend who was pissed off that the weather man lied about when this storm would start – all angry that it was not raining on wednesday. I wonder how he feels now that he cannot play golf in palm desert.

Art Forum

Tuesday I was going to pick up the latest issue of Art Forum – trying to get reconnected with modern art. It cost eight dollars, which does not seem that unreasonable. however, it is completely packed with ads.

now my problem with the ads was not so much that they got in the way or were extraneous to the point of the magazine, my issue was that they were not cool ads – I mean if you are going to be a gallery selling freaky modern art your ad should not look like a camery ad, right?

the art house ads need to be designed freaky & new – something that will ad to the value of the magazine throught their diversity, not compete with it as corporate branding.

something about all the ads just reminded me of vogue or something.


The cult of Darwin continues to grow. by this I mean that basically there are three types of people in the world – people who think Darwin was the biggest intellectual of the 20th century, people that think Einstien had the most influence, and people who think Freud was number one.

I would guess that Einstien is the most popular – not only becuase he did change everything, but also because he looked cool & no one really understands exactly what he did.

Darwin gets a lot of votes for the whole evolutionary thing – which I am pretty sure exists in Plato (but I could be wrong – it may be Aristotle). mostly anti-christians vote for this – the whole Darwin thing is very popular. Also a vote for Darwin shows that you are bucking the convention of Einstien – you know you are a rebel outsider who is smarter then a christian. Robert Ebert, the hilarious film critic, votes for Darwin.

My cube neighbor votes for Einstien.

I vote for Freud. I can understand him. he changed everything. he is fun. but mostly I vote for him because he created what we mean by human. he validated the long standing belief that there are inalieble human rights – like the right to bristle at spelling errors – he demonstrated that what it means to be human does not disappear (no matter how horrible our actions), he clarified the importance of childhood. And most of all he had fun – and not fun at someone elses expense, but real fun in the world – figuring out stuff – determining how the mind actually works. Freud is the ultimate pragmatist – his science was a science of doing – not of observation, not of theorizing – he actually had a couch in his office and tried this stuff out on reall people, with real problems, in real time.

and it worked.


So I am once again working on becoming vegan.

It is working fairly well at work, but the temptation of cheese always gets the best of me at home – we need to have cheese in the house for the kids; thus, I need to come up with a strategy of changing my thinking so that I do not even feel the temptation – perhaps I should get more involved with the Animal Rights movement.

Cruelty to cows, which I am sure is horrible and well documented, may reinforce my desire to give up dairy.

The reason I am giving up dairy is more about self control, then about the desire to save cows, or reduce global cruelty, or any of those principles; but perhaps I can reinforce my behavior by focusing on some of that other stuff…