Martin Heidegger

Thinking only begins at the point where we have come to know that Reason, glorified for centuries, is the most obstinate adversary of thinking.


Ludwig Wittgenstein

Frazer’s presentation of the magical and religious views of men is unsatisfactory…it makes these views appear as errors


I venture to think, on the contrary, that men first acknowledged a single god, and that human weakness later adopted several.

Hayden White

A science of the “human” is not possible, Foucault argues, not because man is qualitatively different from everything else in the cosmos, but because he is precisely the same as everything else.

Rolling Stones

Well we all need someone we can dream on.


Madness is the punishment of a disorderly and useless science.

Gaston Bachelard

We have onto to speak of an object to think that we are being objective. But, because we chose it in the first place, the object reveals more about us than we do about it.