Pool Day

Like all enterprising suburban dads I had a fantastic post xmas pool party. the Beucks (John, Emmy, Brett, Kerry, & Jenna) showed up if full form. Jeff, Jenny, Zaley, & Iris came and had a very good time. Storn and Sharr were there – suprisingly they did not bring swim suits. Jeff & Allie came and were fantastic – still the funniest people that I know. Totally entertaining. We talked together a long time after everyone left about high school friends, lost lives, etc. It was great. I really like Jeff’s amazing knowledge of art and stuff – he remembered the bathroom fixtures from a party we went to years ago – he has some how turned an obsession & passion into a very useful skill set. Something that he not only enjoys but enjoys sharing.

the weather was horrible, but we fought it out & did have great fun swimming with the kids – Zaley has taken swimming classes and is getting very very good. Iris is still very young – I think a month younger then Kate, but has an amazingly good personality. Jeff & Storn argued movies and bickered in the ernie & bert methodology that they perfected years ago.

Sharr was also very commical – he is going to have a son soon so I really enjoyed talking to him about my experiences and stuff.

Allie had gone to the store and bought all sorts of food & was amazing in terms of cooking & serving stuff up.

Sean did not come because of car trouble. Byron and Tania did not show up either. Ideally we will do this again next year – mainly because I really enjoyed it.

South Coast Plaza

This years annual xmas run was very well attended – Byron & Tania; Storn, Sharr, & Alanza; Jeff & Allie; Jeff, Jenny, Zallie, & Hailey; Sean & Amanda.

We started at Z’Tejas again, which was fun but a bit expensive for food which is not all that good – I think that the bill was US$207 & the best thing was either to grilled Ahai or the pork nachos. Of course, I do not eat either of these.

The mall walk was great – we all stayed together this time for the first time in a long time – I think that this may have had more to do with everyone being finished with most of their shopping than anything else. Stores we hit included the toy store, illuminations, book soup, william sonoma, godiva choclates, robinsons-may, borders, orange lounge, sun glass hut – there may have been a few other drive by stops.

we did not have a guest visitor this year, but names that I heard included Greg Miller, Paul Abler, Jeff King, Troy, and the Hodges.


Ok, so I got our of training at @ 5:00 and hit the Spa at Manadalay bay – empty Spa’s are the official coolest things on the planet – there was no one in vegas & no one useing the spa – it was partially under construction – this meant that the staff kids were in a funny mood & the old school message guru’s were interested in talking. I had a great time – long jacquizzi, excellent work out, got some reading done. Totally fun time.

Then I want back up to my room & got changed. I wanted to go out and do some reading while listening to techno. THEmix was too loud & THElounge was crouded – the night before it had been empty – no one even playing pool, but not a cool scene tonight.

I went over to Fleur de Lys to see if I could hang in their lounge, but the place was pretty dark. Also, when I asked the hostess for a table to read with more light, she recommended my room – nice. so I walked on down the hall to Aureole.

This is that place with the giant three story wine celler elevator thing – very very chill. The hostess knew exactly what I was looking for and took me to the couches on in the lounge area; bascially, I was sitting where this picture was taken from:


Read for a very long time. Finished like 120 pages of my book. I was the last guy in the place. the food was good & interesting.

Started with a pile of potato chips – no idea why – they were super salty. Then I had a capacino – one of the best I have ever had. After this, I ordered some pumpkin ravioli – this came with bread – I had focaccio, which was a blunder because the bread came with this amazing arty butter chunk which did not go with Focaccio, but would have ruled with country white or something. The ravioli was good – sun flower seeds & pistachio’s. Some rude guy from the kitchen brought it out.

the waitress then gave me a free cap & some wild disert thing with little cookies & some marengue stuff, totally ruled. It was a fantastic evening.

netegrity training

This week I am at netegrity siteminder admin training in Las Vegas. I am spending most of my time in the Mandalay Bay spa reading the Dylan Visions of Sin book – totally enjoyable. I am here through friday & hope to post more on what I am learning & more stuff about vegas.